From the top of the “Monte”, we become consciousness of the vast natural space around us, the strength of the elements in the region and the overwhelming beauty of one of the most, or perhaps last, secret places in the world. The Ocean, the trees and hills, the animals and humans, one vision that puts us in the very center of the continuous beautiful and mighty universal cycles. Once a rural tourism center, Monte Velho has grown into its true essence and purpose as an Eco Retreat Center. A space to appreciate and bring to life the natural beauty of the environment and a chance to have a real and empowering experience, our connection to our roots and a way to discover our true nature.




Yoga Detox Retreat - with Diana Jost / English Speaking

12 to 18 April 2015


To help the detoxifying process of your body, we use special detox devices,

foods and natural supplements to help eliminate accumulated toxins.

Yoga has a very detoxifying effect on the organs, and our yoga classes

focus on poses beneficial to the detox process.


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Relationship Counselling - with Rafia & Turiya / English Speaking


22 to 26 April 2015

Relationships can give the most profound reflection and insight into our inner world once their intrinsic challenges are embraced, understood and integrated.


This 3-part course is offered for experienced counselors or graduates of WWP. One of the primary arenas from which people seek help is with regard to issues, which arise in relating.


In this training, we will be doing deep personal exploration, as well as offering tools, skills and understanding of relationship dynamics.