Welcome to Monte Velho Eco Retreats

From the top of the “Monte”, we become consciousness of the vast natural space around us, the strength of the elements in the region and the overwhelming beauty of one of the most, or perhaps last, secret places in the world. The Ocean, the trees and hills, the animals and humans, one vision that puts us in the very center of the continuous beautiful and mighty universal cycles. Once a rural tourism center, Monte Velho has grown into its true essence and purpose as an Eco Retreat Center. A space to appreciate and bring to life the natural beauty of the environment and a chance to have a real and empowering experience, our connection to our roots and a way to discover our true nature.


Soulful Summer Yoga Retreat - with Lisa Murphy and Cheryl Parsons

29 June to 05 July 2014



Are you ready to emerge renewed? Immerse yourself in nature and reinvigorate your mind and body on this soul-reviving retreat led by two dynamic teachers. Enjoy transformational yoga, meditation and so much more, while soaking up the sun and breathtaking natural beauty of Monte Velho.




ORGANIC YOGA & SURF RETREAT – ALGARVE | PORTUGAL - With Simone Alexandra Brenner/ German Speaking


31 May to 7 June 2014



A seven-day escpape to the paradise of Monte Velho Eco Retreat Center. Experience travelling as an alternative to traditional resort locations – Monte Velho is a sanctuary for authentic transformational travelling.

Join our lovely group, catch your breath, find your balance, boost your energy...and return home with a clear mind and open heart.


Monte Velho Resort is located on a hill, overlooking the western Altlantic Coast of the Algarve. The charming cozy apartments have comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms, outdoor daybeds and hammocks on the terrace.


Annette & Daniel
Annette & Daniel

ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA - with Annette & Daniel / German Speaking

15 to 21 June 2014


6 days of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice with an invitation to go beyond

the physical level: Yoga-philosophy and vedic Chanting, sitting in stillness

and conscious breathing. In this week you can reconnect to nature and

have the space for inspiration and change....


Diana Jost
Diana Jost

Yoga Detox Retreat - with Diana Jost / English Speaking

22 to 28 June 2014


To help the detoxifying process of your body, we use special detox devices, foods

and natural supplements to help eliminate accumulated toxins. Yoga has a very

detoxifying effect on the organs, and our yoga classes focus on poses beneficial

to the detox process.