From the top of the “Monte”, we become consciousness of the vast natural space around us, the strength of the elements in the region and the overwhelming beauty of one of the most, or perhaps last, secret places in the world. The Ocean, the trees and hills, the animals and humans, one vision that puts us in the very center of the continuous beautiful and mighty universal cycles. Once a rural tourism center, Monte Velho has grown into its true essence and purpose as an Eco Retreat Center. A space to appreciate and bring to life the natural beauty of the environment and a chance to have a real and empowering experience, our connection to our roots and a way to discover our true nature.



Jivamukti Yogawood Retreat

02 to 09  Sept


Portuguese Fado music is known for it’s mournful soul-stirring. In it, there’s an inescapable feeling of being ripped from something larger. It’s easy to understand this music bubbling up over the wind-swept cliffs of the Algarve in Southwest Portugal.

Yogis know this longing. It's personified in stories of Radha and Krishna; we hear it in kirtan chants, and we feel it in our hearts in backbends. It's the longing to be connected with our true nature: the state of yoga.

These are the ideas we’ll explore through Jivamukti yoga practice, pranayama, meditation, chanting, and simply being in this dramatic landscape. Expect vegan Portuguese meals (locally sourced whenever possible), good community, and time to be.
 Maiga Milbourne is passionate about healthy bodies, relationships, and communities. She is our logistics guru and will serve as our travel guide. An E-RYT vinyasa and Jivamukti yoga teacher, she loves nothing more than offering amazing hands-on assists.
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Yoga Retreat - with Amanda and Paria Mirazimi


 10 to 17  Sept




"Join Amanda and Paria in one of the most beautiful Eco Holistic Resorts on the Algarve Coast of Portugal for a one week Yoga Retreat at Monte Velho! As we step into this space we will take some time to appreciate and bring to life the beauty that is within you, within the environment that will surround you, and create an opportunity for you to get connected to your roots, feel empowered, and explore your true nature. 




A week of yoga, meditation, journaling, outdoor exploration, and  healthy vegetarian food. You will also have enough space to enjoy the sun, the beach and maybe go for a surf. 




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Pilates & Karate Retreat-  with Rael Isacowitz

01  to 07 Out





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Yoga retreat with Mariancila and Jenny /  Swedish Speaking 

7 to 14 October


 Mysore every morning, Ashtanga vinyasa, yin and hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation.




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Yoga Detox- with Diana Jost  / English Speaking - 

15 to 21 October


  To help the detoxifying process of your body, we use special detox devices,

 foods and natural supplements to help eliminate accumulated toxins.

 Yoga has a very detoxifying effect on the organs, and our yoga classes


focus on poses beneficial to the detox process.


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