From the “Monte” top, we become consciousness of the vast natural space around us, the strength of the elements in the region and the overwhelming beauty of one of the most, or perhaps last, secret places in the world.

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Monte Velho . Projects . Inspirations . Desires . Dreams . For a better world

Children's Ministry

Waldorf School

The Waldorf School “a Oliveira ” is a basic education school based on the Waldorf pedagogy, whose vision is to awaken in the child the spontaneous desire to learn, the spirit of investigation and the willingness for creative activity. We place a special emphasis on the integral development of the individual, namely in his intellectual, artistic and social capacities, valuing rhythm and contact with nature.

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Youth Ministry

Therapeutic & Social  Art


Spirit of Art  Spirit of Life

It is a project that meets the other through artistic experiences. Social arts, groups and retreats based in anthroposophic guides lines.

Feeding the soul is priceless for a healthy life nowadays.

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Men's Ministry

Monte Velho Surfer Girl

My name is Concha Balsemão and I grow in Monte Velho Retreat Centre.

I´m 15 years old surfer from Carrapateira , Algarve, Portugal.
Surf always made part of my life, I live by the sea on the West Coast at the natural park area.
I´ve been surfing all over Portugal best spots , competing and sometimes I go with my family around the world, searching for new waves. I always love to come back to my magic playground surrounded by wild nature…

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Women's Ministry

Nature & Conection
Holistic Being with Horses

Horses are nature. So are we. I keep on saying to everyone that we should focus more on seeing what we can learn from horses instead of trying to teach them something. My horses have been the biggest healers and teachers in my life. Here are the main points I have in mind when talking…

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