The Holistic Riding Centre is situated in Monte Velho

From the beginning, when Monte Velho opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2001, we felt that our mission was to provide our guests and friends, a different stay, focused on the connection with nature, and back to our origins. This spirit is increasingly neglected and forgotten by modern living and the crazy rhythm in witch we find ourselves nowadays.


The Holistic Riding Center are complementing our natural orchestra and valorizing our programs in a holistic and meditative way.

Enjoy your stay!


We offer:

- Individual Riding Lessons and beautiful Trail Rides;

Courses & Workshops;


Our Programs include:

Fear free learning and Relationship Training;

(Re)Connecting with your Inner Center;

General respect and responsible Horse treatment;

Holistic Horsemanship;

Body language as means of Communication;

German, English and Portuguese spoken