September 2018
October 2018

Celebrating the Beauty within and around You – with April Puciata

Join April for this incredible opportunity to explore and celebrate in Portugal, spending (2) nights in Lisbon and (6) nights in the Algarve. Think daily yoga and meditation, delicious meals and excursions to beautiful beaches and charming white-washed fishing villages on the Atlantic Ocean. ...
08 Oct - 14 Oct
All of the day

Yoga and Nutrition Retreat – Bring awareness to your life

In the Yoga and Nutrition Retreat our goal is to bring awareness to your life to become the best version of you! Little changes in your daily routines can lead you to be more productive, more efficient, healthier and happier. This week we want to show how to optimize your daily routines and feel energized! How? By incorporating yoga and meditation in to your live, learning how to organize your meals along the day, what is the best food depending on your body type and realizing you can change your lifestyle if you consciously want to! ...
09 Oct - 13 Oct
08:00 - 18:00

Yoga Detox – with Diana Jost

To help the detoxifying process of your body, we use special detox devices, foods and natural supplements to help eliminate accumulated toxins. Yoga has a very detoxifying effect on the organs, and our yoga classes focus on poses beneficial to the detox process. ...
14 Oct - 20 Oct
All of the day
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