Oct 12 2019 - Oct 17 2019


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5 days to re-connect

Come and join our amazing 5 day retreat in beautiful South West Algarve in Portugal in one of the most beautiful places on earth to re-connect with your body, mind and soul.

Let yourself be guided to your inner self and (re)-connect with the essence of your being and learn how to create the life you desire. Just follow your heart!

This is why we invite you to our retreat and you will experience this in a beautiful eco resort next to the seaside in South Portugal.

Why would you go to a retreat?

The essence to join our retreat is to create time and space for yourself, to find out what your heart truly needs and desires, what feeling it gives you and to bring yourself to a place where healing is allowed to happen.

During the retreat we will guide you how to listen to your inner self and bring more self-love into your life. We will assist you how to set your inner compass for life, to point in the right direction so it sets YOU for happiness, joy and fulfillment.

It is your journey! Life can be challenging and we are here to guide and assist you in this journey called life.

How does it work?

We understand that you need time to soften your thoughts and sink into your body, mind and soul. We will carry you in this beautiful surrounding and guide you to reconnect to your inner self.

The retreat will be provided in three steps:

Pre-retreat (1 Hour intake conversation, expectations, get to know each other)
5 Day retreat in the beautiful South West Portugal
Post retreat (Feedback, integration and guidance)

We can provide coaching on a deeper level after the retreat in a one on one session to help you integrate the valuable things you have learned during the retreat.

Our working methods!

Mind, body and soul (re)-connection
Body work
Energetic healing
Create a seed to be able to make the changes and and create the dreams you desire
Having lots of fun!

Come and find your inner peace


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