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Oct 15 2018


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Become your Sovereign Self – with Maaike Pieters & Rosalie Puiman

May we invite you for a journey?
A journey that starts and ends with you.
Would you like to contribute to the world what you really can contribute?
Live consciously?
Know that what you are doing is of value?
This journey leads you there.
We will make you feel what you exemplify and where your strength lies.
We will let you experience who you really are.
And we will give you that push that helps you shape your life.
So you can be who YOU are with more consciousness, focus and flow.

The end of this journey will be, that you are the woman that you should be.

This retreat is about more than quick wins and solutions.
We won’t teach you tricks to do, but we’ll teach you to connect to who you really are. Be more, do less so to speak.
Things that stem from BEING have way more impact because they come from a complete YOU.
During this retreat we will give you the opportunity to reflect and then move forward. But into a direction that fits you to the core.

Are you coming?

This retreat includes 11 sovereign self sessions with Rosalie Puiman & Maaike Pieters, both certified Transformational Presence Coaches, helping you to regain a heart-centered and balanced focus in your life. Reconnecting you to your inner wisdom and truth. The retreat will be in both Dutch and English. If you haven’t worked with us before, we’ll schedule a skype call to get to know you and your story a little before we meet in Portugal.

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