Jun 15 2019 - Jun 22 2019


08:00 - 18:00

Bhakti Bliss in Portugal

Gathering on the dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea, where south-western Europe sinks into the Atlantic, we will spend a week chanting, doing yoga, making music and dancing at the fantastic Monte Velho Retreat. In a region enriched by powerful nature and fresh ocean air, amidst myths and tales of fishermen, sailors and pirates, we will explore the ancient practices of Bhakti Yoga and discover our very own epic love stories with the divine, weaving together our hearts and voices in celebration and invocation of Spirit.


During this week we will inquire how the body, the heart, and the mind support and complement each other in our journey towards the realm of infinite love and grace.  Nubia will lead the asana and pranayama sessions, which will anchor us in our bodies and open us to the meditative practices of prayer and invocation. Jai and Daniel will lead us in the ancient practice of Kirtan, or chanting, the heart and soul of devotional yoga. Together, Nubia, Jai and Daniel  will guide us in a heart opening adventure through breath, movement and sacred sound, blending these traditions in a deep and playful way.


Bhakti Yoga is the path of personal relationship with Spirit, with God, with Goddess; a relationship that includes all the flavors and moods of the human heart. In the journey of Bhakti our emotions become the fuel to reconnect us with the Divine and, in so doing, to find healing and wholeness within ourselves.

What a way to start Summer 2019!



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