Oct 08 2018 - Oct 14 2018


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Celebrating the Beauty within and around You – with April Puciata

October 6 – 14, 2018 (includes 2 nights in Lisbon)
Celebrating the Beauty within and around You

Join April for this incredible opportunity to explore and celebrate in Portugal, spending (2) nights in Lisbon and (6) nights in the Algarve. Think daily yoga and meditation, delicious meals and excursions to beautiful beaches and charming white-washed fishing villages on the Atlantic Ocean. Those who love to surf, or would like to learn, will have the opportunity to do so!

This retreat is organized with optional practices, creative exercises, and meditations to slow us down and connect with our true nature, manifesting our intuitive and creative energies.

About Chirriposa Retreats at Monte Velho
April is thrilled to be working with Angus and Tania at Chirriposa Retreats, who have great experience guiding and organizing retreat groups in Costa Rica and in Europe. The retreat center known as Vicentina at Monte Velho is eco friendly, intending to live in balance and harmony with the Earth, so we can all benefit from the reconnection to nature. In the middle of nowhere, where south-western Europe sinks in the Atlantic, this center is engulfed in a region enriched by the strength of nature, where the high cliffs overlook the ocean, filling the air with a fresh breeze, spreading myths and tales of fishermen, sailors and pirates, sunken ships, and great fisheries. The dense energy that originates from the ocean storms, concentrates in the beautiful waves that break on the sweeping sandy coast. Bearer of magical aromas, various therapeutic flora and fauna, guide you through the multiple paths; some ending between dunes of fine sand, others on cliffs at sunset…

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