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Sep 01 2019 - Sep 07 2019


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Embody the Elements: Yoga summer in the Algarve with Johannes Vogt

Embody the Elements: Yoga & Mantras with Johannes Vogt


·         Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

·         Singing Mantras in the evening light

·         Your teacher is an experienced yoga teacher and mantra musician

·         Beautiful landscape

·         Lectures & Conversations

·         Enough time for yourself and individual excursions

·         Retreat in german language


Salt in your hair, music in your heart: During this yoga holiday in Portugal you get in touch with the elements, sing mantras with like-minded people and enjoy the power of the sea.

Algarve: In the heart of the elements

The sun, the sea and the wind that sweeps over land: Here the elements are everywhere. Use nature to ground yourself, to become light, or to awaken your inner fire. The elements are also a topic in the yoga classes: sometimes the exercises are fluent, sometimes wild and always grounding.

Yoga, Meditation & Mantras

The days starts in silence with a sunrise meditation. After that the yoga session is awakaning. In the afternoon, the yoga sessions is more gentle with restorative yin yoga classes. Johannes Vogt is an experienced yoga teacher and a mantra singer who already released two ambulms. Johannes will also teaches partner exercises for Thai yoga massages.

Parts of the relaxation and meditation phases of yoga sessions are accompanied by guitar music and mantras to open the space of healing.

In the evening you will sing mantras together. Johannes explains the meaning and the stories of the songs. Maybe you feel the power that is in the music. In India, a mantra is not just a word, but a body of sound that carries something divine in it.

There is always the opportunity to discuss Ayurveda and Indian philosophy together. The retreat will be held in german.

Daily routine:
07:30 – 08:00 Meditation
from 08:00 breakfast
10:00 – 12:00 Yoga (Vinyasa / Hatha)
from 12:00 lunch
16:30 – 18:00 Yoga (Yin-Yoga, Thai-Yoga-Massage, talks, lectures)
19:00 dinner
20:00 Mantra singing / Kirtan
Enjoy the sun and sea

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