Oct 20 2018 - Oct 27 2018


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ITS MY LIFE – Innovative Therapeutic System

“To know yourself is the greatest gift” Osho

This Innovative Therapeutic System follows Osho’s guidance to offer an highly qualified training to your personal growth.
In an intensive format it teaches you skills and know-how towards the experience of your inner-self and consequently gives you the competence to be a guide to others.
Participation is open to everyone and you receive a “Certificate of participation” (100h) that will add to your curriculum as a “Personal Growth and Meditation Leader”.
This Training is composed of 3 parts:
MY MIND: My belief systems – Witnessing/Identification – Mind as a stress factor – No-Mind
MY HEART: Anger as positive energy – Expressing versus repressing – Functioning from your truth – I want love not pain
MY SEXUALITY: Friendship and love – Creative and healthy relationships – Orgasm – Tantra
Including daily meditations, dancing, making friends, healthy food, pleasure moments with nature and walks to the Ocean.

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