Jul 21 2019


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Mystic Local Lab with Katia Leonardo

JULY 21 – 27, 2019
MYSTIC VOCAL LAB with Katia Leonardo.

Magical mountains hide a secluded place in Algarve were time passes by in a
gentle way, were food is prepared organic and delicious, and the bedrooms
remind us that less is more, with sweet enchanted details that will help you
connect with yourself at a deeper level of consciousness. Monte Velho Nature
Resort is located in a peaceful setting right in the heart of the Costa Vicentina
Natural Park, the westcoast of the Algarve. This retreat is an invitation to explore
voice, moovement, creative expression in a dance with the senses.

Time to rest, time to explore, time to expand and time to connect, with yourself as
well as other voices with the invitation to get to know more about your voice, how
to protect it, make more powerful, make it your own.
Each morning will begin with meditation, followed by gentle movements,
awakening the body, in a dance of self-discovery and release.
The classes will accommodate all levels. In the morning time the focus will be on
warming up exercices that come from a wide range of methods, from India to
Africa, Brazil and of course, the portuguese Fado. Opening the hearts with
songs, circlesinging, improvising, getting to know deeper possibilities about your
vocal instrument. Afternoon classes will bring the power of awakening the voice
while creating from a espontaneous place of joy and freedom.

Katia Leonardo is a portuguese Singer, born in Luanda, Angola. Katia works as a
songwriter, teacher, Antroposofic Art-therapist and has been studing personal
development through conecting Vocal work with artistic expression for two
decades. She has lived and worked in California and Hawai’i. Currently she lives
in Lisbon where she has her own studio. Opera, Jazz and Bossa Nova were the
academics that gave her the set of tools which lead to Circle Vocal Singing and
Improvising, connecting with her African roots as well as her Fado lineage in her
blood. Passionate about helping others to find their voices, her method is gentle,
heart opening and powerful.
She brings the African way of opening the voice, supported by the science of
Lyrical, the structure from Jazz as she shares also information about voice
healing techniques. She is the director of several choirs, works with special
children in the context of actively suporting their comunnication through art.
As a singer/ songwriter she has released two cd’s, one of original music Lullaby
Storm, recorded in Lisbon with some of the best musicians in the country, Mário
Delgado (g), Òscar Graça(p), Bernardo Moreira(b) and Rui Pereira(d) and Mystic
Vocal – a blend of vocal styles come together to create soundscapes and
improvised storytelling melodies. You can listen to her music at


* 6 morning classes with vocal techique – vocal healing – circlesinging
* 4 afternoon classes with creative activities relating voice with senses
* all artistic materials
* 6 nights at Monte Velho Nature Resort
* healthy-delicious veg. catering

Checkin: Sunday, July 21st after 4pm. Welcome meeting & dinner 18:00.
Mystic Vocal Lab: Sunday – Saturday.
Checkout: Saturday the 12th by 11:00 after closing cerimony and breakfast.

EUR 1.040,-  in a 4-bed dorm
EUR 1.130,- in a triple suite (bring two friends)
EUR 1.220,-  in a Twin or Double suite.
EUR 1.460,- in a Single suite (on request)

Prices are per person. Travel is not included. Payable with registration are 600 Euro. The
remainder is due 2 weeks before the retreat.
All classes and one meal included – 680
Flights: To Faro (1,5 hrs drive) or Lisbon (3,5 hrs. drive to Monte Velho).
Public transport & Taxi pickup are possible, however, we recommend to book a rental car
which allows to discover the amazing beaches & offers flexibility on the whole journey. We
can recommend luzcar (operating from Faro).

A pickup from Faro airport costs 100 euro, from Lagos 40 euro.  All bus- and train
connections in the Algarve can be found here.


* Enjoy in the sun on the nearby beaches Amado and Bordeira
* Book a surf course or hire board & wetsuit
* Hiking & Mountainbiking on Rota Vicentinas´ fisherman or historic trail
* Holistic Horseriding, walking tracks or a swim in the lake on the property
* Relax and unwind with Steambath, Sauna & Massage treatments at Monte Velhos Spa