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Jan 29 2019 - Feb 03 2019


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Wild Spirit is a journey to connect to our spirit and reawaken magic in our lives. 5 days where we connect to the healing power of nature. 5 days to bring back balance and ecstasy into our life.

In this retreat you will begin a profound journey towards yourself.

During these days you will have the opportunity to experience and learn from the qualities of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire that throughout time have been the guides and masters in the evolution of human consciousness. The magic happens when you integrate the 4 elements within yourself.

Wild Spirit brings together the teachings of ancestral rituals and contemporary therapeutic techniques creating the setting for a complete process for awakening. More than anything, this retreat is about the priveledge of creating space for yourself.

This retreat will support generating vitality at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

You will dissolve limiting beliefs and transcend internal obstacles.

You will make positive changes in your life and create space for your inner healing.

We have a tendency to value one part of ourselves often forgetting about the other parts. In the society we live in there is great emphasis in the power of the mind and a disregard for the wisdom of the heart and of intuituion. These tendencies create divisions within ourselves. In Wild Spirit we will re-establish our inner balance.

The magic happens when you integrate the 4 elements within yourself.

The Earth that grounds us and connects us to matter, to our body, leaving us reinvigorated and energized.

The Water that awakens us and teaches us how to flow in life bringing consciousness to our emotional being, teaching us that our emotions can be our most powerful allies.

The Air that purifies and governs our mental clarity, bringing us inspiration and focus in our life.

The Fire that warms our soul and kindles our spirit, teaching us to be bold, allowing for us to access the unlimited potential of life that we are.

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