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Yoga & Nutrition Retreat – Four Elements

Yoga and Nutrition Retreat – Four Elements

In the Yoga and Nutrition Retreat our goal is to bring awareness to your life to become the best version of you!

By incorporating yoga and meditation in to your live, learning how to improve your health through food, this week we want to show how to optimize your daily routines and feel energized!

We follow each day one element to connect with and bring your intentions, planning the yoga and meditation sessions, the culinary workshop and the food we eat involving each of them: EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR

4-9th May 2019


The retreat takes place in Monte Velho Retreat Centre, a beautiful venue located in south Algarve, facing the ocean and surrounded of pine trees, beaches, flowers and animals.


Our lives seem to be fast and accelerated. We may feel there is no time for our goals. We may feel life passes without being able to take the time to celebrate. We may even loose the purpose.

We forget the lightness of life, we forget that our goal should be look for JOY in every day.

But when you start consciously taking care of your body, a magic thing happens!

The practice of yoga and meditation brings this quietness and relax to your mind. It lets you time for yourself. It recharges your energy.

Through the food we eat, we connect to Nature, we feed and respect our body and ourselves. By understanding and giving what your body needs, you let vitality fulfill your life.

Accompanied by the natural elements.- water, aire, fire and earth- our goal for this week is to share tools to take home with you to ensure your look for joy everyday!


The day starts with morning yoga with breathing exercise and relaxation techniques session followed by a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Every day there is a nutrition workshop. Using the elements as a guide, we will talk learn about how to improve your diet with little changes that make all the difference, incorporate fermented food, sprouts, how to create a good weekly menu and we will be hands on preparing all ths.

Lunch is served at 13:30 and after you will have free time to enjoy the surroundings. Go for a walk through the sea cliff or following the trails of the Natural Park, try a surf lesson in the Atlantic Ocean, experience a holistic horse riding experience or spoil yourself with a massage.

In the evening, enjoy a meditation and yoga session watching the sunset before sit down and enjoy warm dinner. Enjoy a relaxing conversation before bedtime!


4th May

15:00 – Arrival

17:00 – Meeting point and venue visit

18:00- yoga

19:00 – Dinner

Daily schedule 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

8:00 ‐ Yoga and meditation

10:00 – Healthy breakfast

11:00 ‐ Nutrition talk/Culinary workshop

13:00 – Lunch & Spare time for relax or do activities*

17:30 – Yoga and meditation

19:00 ‐ Dinner

20:30 – Special activity (sound journey, senses journey, etc.)

*Massages, SPA, trail walking, horse experience, beach & cliff walk, surf lessons, dolphin watching, cycling, intuitive art therapy, etc

 9th May

8:00 ‐  Yoga

10:00 – Healthy breakfast and Super food workshop

11:00 ‐ Gathering and sharing

12:00 – Check out


For 4 nights from 4-9th (or Sunday 5th to 10th) 

Shared dorm (6 beds): 660€

Shared room (3 or 4 beds): 750€

Double Room: 810€

Single Room: 1020€

Price Includes: accommodation in a suite with private terrace for 5 nights, all yoga and meditation classes, 1h massage, mats and materials, nutrition workshops, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian), sauna session & steam room session, activities after dinner

Exclusive: flights, airport transportation (we help you to organize it) , travel insurance, additional activities such as surfing lessons, horseback holistic experience, other spa treatments


Faro airport is the closest airport to Monte Velho; there are regular flights from Berlin (KLM, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, etc.), Amsterdam (TAP, Transavia, etc.), London (Monarch, Ryanair, EasyJet, Jet2, etc.) and many European cities.

We can help organizing taxis to the venue.

Payment details

To confirm and guarantee your reservation please contact us, kindly note that the reservation is only confirmed when you make the 50% deposit.


Cassia Rodrigues

 Dreamer, roaming and creating her own story, passionate about nature and her gifts, eternal apprentice. Daughter of 2 amazing beings that taught her since she existed what it is true unconditional love. Blessed to be born in this family she owns everything she did and what she is to her loved parents.

Completed a degree in Podiatry Health. Fortunately though, this didn’t quite fullfil her heart and instead it drove her to travel and experience the world. She had the opportunity to live in India, Brazil and other countries searching for ancestral wisdom. In India she went deeper into the Vedic world that fascinates her so much. She had the bliss to contact with several, masters, teachers, experiences, learning and being.

Some courses were taken in Asia such as Yoga (certified Yoga Teacher -India), Thai massage (Thailand) Reiki (1 and 2), Crystal and singing bowls (India), Ayurveda Yoga Massage (India and Portugal). It was after these journeys and studies that she decided to go deeper into the Ayurveda/ Yoga in India and Portugal. She understands the power, its benefits and its ability to change lives. Now she continues her journey in Portugal/ Porto sharing her knowledge and still exploring this beautiful path.

Ariadna Pallas

Ariadna was born in Barcelona, where she graduates as Nutritionist and Dietitian (Universitat Ramon Llull, 2006) and Food Scientist (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 2008), and worked as nutrition coach and educator in multinational food companies.

Years after, her top passion for travelling and curiosity of learning from other lifestyles, set her off, living all over the world.- Fiji, Hawai, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Kuwait, etc.  While travelling, she gained experience and knowledge working closely with naturopathic, herbalists, healers and alternative leaders in the nutritional field and attending education in culinary schools (Matthew Kenny Culinary School, Santa Monica), sports (International Sports Science Association, California) and nutrition schools (Natural  Nutrition and Life Energetics, Barcelona)

This diverse cultural experience has taught her to truly understand the power of “food as medicine” and the ability of traditional diets to enhance healing and restoration of body processes, taking her to a holistic perception -integration body-mind-soul- of health and well being.

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  1. Olá bom dia! I’m Steph, I take the liberty to write to you just in case one day you might need what I have to offer 🙂 I spent my last 15 yrs on the road but these last 4 yrs I lived most of my time in India (Mysore) to dedicate deeply to yoga practice and studies which are ashtanga yoga(2 TTC), yoga therapy(1TTC), yin yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, meditation, chanting and the sutras that I practice daily. 
    I have experience as yin yoga teacher as well as giving yoga nidra sessions but mainly as an ashtanga assistant teacher to my teacher at his shala in Mysore. His classes can be very busy in high season up to 80 students in one morning, from complete begginners to high level practicioners. 
    I’m double nationality one is Portuguese. I fluently speak French, Spanish, English and of course Portuguese. I just arrived in Portugal to stay with my family in the Algarve near Faro.
    I’ve have a lot of knowledge to pass on and a big desire to do so here so I’m sending a mail to the retreats in case anyone could be interested at one point.
    Thank you for reading me, all the best namasthe

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