Holistic Riding & Yoga - with Andreas Endries, Antonia Lehrach & Lia Muczenski

German - English - Portuguese Speaking

17 to 23 March / 08 to 14 June / 20 to 26 October 2013


Guiding the vital force which is underlying all life, to develop mindfulness and to be in harmony with oneself and all... Yoga. This consciousness for our body and mind, creates the precondition to go in contact and communicate with horses.


The main riding instructors are Andreas Endries and Antoina Lehrach and the main Yoga instructor is Lia Muczenski



Together with the horse, you will learn to understand their language, which is based on non verbal communication, body language. During this course you will be able to develop your natural leadership qualities, aswell the trust and respect for each other and the animal. We will integrate joy and fun into everything we do. More information about the horse work in our section ‘philosophy’.


No previous knowledge or experience in neither yoga or riding is required to participate in our courses.


Daily schedule

- 07:00 h Tea and fruit
- 07:15 h Yoga
- 09:00 h Breakfast
- 10:00 h Work with horses
- 13:00 h Lunch
- 14:00 h spare time to relax or other activities
- 18:00 h Dinner
- 20:30 h Yoga, Meditation or Dream Journey

Good to know

- At Sunday we will have an introduction circle before Dinner and at 20pm a Yoga meditation.
- At Saturday after Yoga and breakfast will be the end-ceremony.