In the middle of nowhere, where south-western Europe sinks into the Atlantic.

It is a region enriched by the strength of its’ nature, where the high cliffs overlook the ocean, filling the air with a fresh breeze, spreading myths and tales of fishermen, sailors and pirates, sunken ships and great fisheries.

The dense energy that originates from the storms in the ocean, concentrates in the beautiful waves that break on the sweeping sandy coast. Additionally there is a vast and unexplored area where several species as well.

Bearer of magical aromas, the different plants, many of which therapeutic, guide us through the multiple paths some ending between dunes of fine sand by the ocean, while others on the cliffs by sunset…

Photography by John McKinlay

What you can do around and recomendations:

- Freesurf and Free Kitesurf;

- Surf Classes;

- Bird watching;

- Diving;

- Fishing;

- B.t.t.;

- Nature walking;

- Horse ride;

- Photography workshops;