I find you through the Artistic Wings.

Thousands colours expressing Sacred words.

 We cross the Cosmic Laws between Forms, Sounds and Movement and in the language of LOVE we walk our own path.

ImagineNative purpose

A bridge that meets the other through artistic experiences.
Feeding the soul, is priceless for a HEALTHY LIFE NOWADAYS. 

Groups & Artistic ways to Comunicate

Private Sessions

Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat

ImagineNative Social Program

At the moment we work in a Shelter Home for juveniles through individual therapy sessions, group work based on anthroposophic art therapy.

We are also creating a theatre project with music, dance and drama classes. Theatre and music are privilege tools for letting go off emotions, express feelings and also putting ourselves in the skin of others. 


Fundraising and  Events

Music & Drama

Art Therapy

Donations and Contacts


Contributing and founding structures for others Dreams is now our purpose.

Supporting today’s young people to find their talent in a creative way would be a great pillar for their own future and a better society. 

Surfing Lessons

Sports provide healthy habits and rhythms. Helps in a better school concentration and gives a sense to life and good vibes.

Sponsorships for Talents 

Joana has 17 years old, an incredible voice and a great desire to study music. We will  try to provide her the best conditions fot it.

Music, Drama and Dance classes       

All young people have their own way to express themselves. Join us with your attributes too, giving classes, helping with costumes and others. Art feeds the SOUL!


Vera Balsemão – Art Experiences 

Passionate about creating, painting, singing, playing the guitar.

Over the past ten years, I had been learning and working in different projects about anthroposophy and Waldorf education where I found my guidelines.

 Mother of three and founder of one of the first Waldorf school in Portugal, I get a huge experiences belonging to it’s head board for eight years. On the present moment i´m finishing my beloved antroposophic art therapy course. Through this training, apart from the on going colour study, the pathologies and social art are also part of the program while using different thecniques (watercolour, natural pigments, drawing and clay sculptures).


In retreats, I provide:

Colour experiences. Approach about the impact tonalities have on our inner self. Study about what colours are most familiar to us and how do they act on our well-being. Colours are packed with strength, feelings, forms, memories… On a subtle way, we will open our channel and let go locks and  any inner density. Let yourself surrender to the wonders of the colour world.


Yes, I want to make a donation

We will get in touch with you by e-mail in order to provide all the details about the project. Thank you!!